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I just got installed today by Summit and I am so happy with how the entire process went. From the moment Luis and Valentina came to explain the different options of how I could go solar, I knew I had made the right decision. Impeccable install and impeccable customer service from Luis and Valentina.

Ashley and Duraye were a great team. Anytime I had an issue they were on it immediately weekends too. Ashley, had some fantastic contractors such as the Summit solar installation team, and the Peak roofing team. They both did excellent work.

Bernie C.

Matthew B. 

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3 reasons to go solar now




By going solar you turn a liability into an asset. Your home will have the capacity to produce your own energy, freeing you from rate hikes and fees from the utility company.

Protect yourself from rising utility rates. Lock in your utility bill with solar + storage!

We can all do better to take care of our planet. Help preserve the earth for future generations. 

Frequently asked questions

How durable are Solar Panels?

We offer industry-leading 25-year warranties on our workmanship, panels, and inverter. 

Am I going to have two monthly bills for solar and electricity?

Our goal is to offset your electric bill 100%. This depends on a lot of factors about your roof. If we can generate 100% of your electricity from solar, you won't pay an electric bill!

Are there any upfront costs?

Most people do not have any upfront costs and receive savings right away. Results are based on qualifications based on the Energy Assessment. 

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